When founder Dani Horowitz started the DaniWeb.com online community in February 2002 as a hobby project during her Sophomore year of college, she never imagined it would turn into the authority IT publication it is today. With true dedication and passion, DaniWeb® LLC turned into a fulltime business in December 2005 upon Dani's college graduation, and moved from a home office into professional office space in January 2009.

Today, DaniWeb is an IT Discussion community which, at nearly ten years old, has developed into a thriving online community of over 900,000 IT professionals and over a million forum posts, sees an average of nearly 9 million pageviews monthly, and is growing at the rate of nearly 1000 new members daily.

Now, we're jumping into a new endeavor, offering DaniWeb-branded goodies through our own online store. So show your appreciation and support for DaniWeb, order up a t-shirt or two, and show off what a proud DaniWeb member you are!